June 20, 2014

friday five

So its kinda big day in our house...Davis's last day of medical residency!!!! We move in just over a week and the emotions are kicking in, a little. I'm still in denial a little bit I think but it will hit me soon. Sadness and nerves have been replaced with more excitement and anxiety so that is a move in the right direction.

On to the friday five....

1. This makeup look (doing it for a wedding and so excited...)

2. This paint color
Wall color

A nice dusty-grey-blue

3. This song (oldie but goooooooodie)

Reeses Peanut Butter Poke Cake

Making it for my Reese's-loving husband's birthday tomorrow. Yum. 

5. This house...and I'm lucky because that's our new house! :) 
11901 Ridge View Dr NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

June 5, 2014

may beauty favorites

It's been a few months since I did a 'favorites' post but I basically share with you but I was using a ton during the previous month. And here's what we got for the month of May!

1. Youniques 3D fiber lashes. Read why I like it HERE.
2. Tarte's cheek stain in fearless. This is the perfect color pink, looks very natural. I'm loving cream blushes and stains for the summer. Smells great too!
3. MAC eyeshadow in Jest. Just a perfect frosty pale pink that's not too much.
4. Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner in Sabbath. This glides on like butter, and such a pretty navy blue color. Kinda fun to mix it up.
5. Arbonne's CC Cream. I love a good tinted moisturizer for the summer because I don't like to wear too much makeup. This is 100% vegan, natural and helps your skin improve as you wear it. I can't wear anything but this! I love it.

June 4, 2014

frequently asked questions

Here are a few beauty/makeup/fitness questions that I get asked on a pretty regular basis. Maybe you've had these questions yourself...welp, you're lucky day. 

1. What's your favorite mascara?

2. What's your favorite cleanser for acne?
I actually have a couple lines that I really like-

3. What is your favorite drugstore product?
Uh, what? There's a lot of choices there. But one thing I will say is that I usually don't buy high-end brand lipstick. Unless its made organically or completely natural, all lipsticks are pretty much made with the same ingredients. And when I can get one at Target for $8 bucks or MAC for $14. I'm going for the $8, sorry. Revlon is my favorite line of lipsticks. They carry the best color payoff and are super moisturizing too. 

4. How often do you workout and what do your do?
I work out 5-6 days a week. I know! I'm crazy! 
I work out for no less than an hour but usually about an hour and half.
If I do cardio one day, I will do strength the next. I also try to fit in yoga 2-3 times a week as well.

5. Goes with number 4, how do you fit that in? 
Easy. I make it a priority in my life and part of my daily routine. I also have a great gym with a great kid's club. That makes a big difference. If I work out at home, its harder but I do what I can. 

6. Where do you buy your clothes?
I have 3 main places I buy my clothes.
JCPenney (I'm not kidding, I love that place, the a.n.a brand is my favorite)
Goodwill/Thrift stores
Online (Groopdealz or Jane.com)

7. What's your favorite foundation?
This always depends on what you're looking for in your foundation and what skin type you have. I have dry, dull skin and like something that gives me a glow. If you have oily skin, these are NOT for you! Ha.
Arbonne's CC cream (my recent obsession, must wear every stinking day or die.)

8. Where did you get your jeans?
I get this every time I wear this specific pair of jeans---ha! And doubt I will ever buy anything else. Delia's jeans fit my body type super well, have a lot of stretch and come in so many different styles. I've been wearing these for a long, long time. My favorites are the "Taylor" and "Boyfriend" (used to be Morgan's). I'm 5'6" and get a short because I hate my jeans to drag. 
They are worth every penny...and are cheap by the way. 

I think that is enough for now. Let me know if you have any questions!

June 3, 2014

my treadmill workout!

The exercise that I usually go to to help give me a boost, help me unwind, relieve some stress and if I'm feeling sluggish is to RUN. I know everyone has there go-to workout but this is mine. I'm not a born-runner and I pretty average but I do like to run at least once or twice a week. When my only option is the treadmill, I really like to mix it up so I usually will do interval training. This will boost your metabolism and helps your endurance as well. 

You can decrease or increase the MPH as well depending on your fitness level. You can even jog instead of walk during the "resting" intervals. Make sure if you are walking to not go to slow...the idea is to keep your heart rate up! This takes about 35 minutes. 

You should be able to right click and save this image if you want to print it out.

Oh yeah and just sayin'.....

Ha ha...

Have a good workout!

June 2, 2014

summer style essentials

Summer is here! Bring on the heat, swimming, picnics at the park, long days, sno-cones and sunshine!!! I'm excited...can you tell?

Here is some summer style inspiration for ya....I've even included the links in case you just HAD TO have it now!

1. Nautical inspiration. I'm usually not a big seasonal trend follower but I love the crisp, clean line of a nautical look. Found on ModCloth.
2. Fun, light jewelry. My number one place to buy jewelry is from Color by Amber. I love the look of the jewelry (acrylic-like), that is colorful, light and fair trade. 
3. Flat sandals. A must-have...do I have to explain why? I love a pair I can dress up or down. Found on Target. 
4. Cotton or jersey knit dress or skirt. I like something light and easy to move in that I can throw on with some flip-flops and head to the park. Found on Gap.
5. A cute, modest, retro suit. Again....not much explanation here. :) Found on Lime Ricki.
6. White bottoms. Wearing white almost makes an out fit look put together, classic and summer-y without much effort. A summer must -have for sure! Found on Old Navy.

Hope you all have some fun plans for summer! And now that you have some summer-inspiration....get at it!

May 30, 2014

ways to prepare and keep your spray tan longer

I got my first spray tan a couple days ago...and let's be honest.....it was pretty much awesome! I got a full-on summer tan in about 5 minutes without having to wait all summer....and best of all UVA FREE! No sun needed!!!! I'm hooked, but not like "Doritos-lady" hooked. :)

To Prepare:
1. Shower a couple hours before hand and use a exfoliating brush or body scrub to buff your skin. This helps the tan adhere to the surface of your skin better and give a more flawless finish.
2. Apply a very light amount of moisturizer in areas in like heels, elbows and knees.
3. Bring with you an old bathing suit or bra/undies to be sprayed in.
4. Bring an extra set of clothes that are lose fitting that you don't mind if they get a little dirty (for after the spray tan).
Keeping it longer:
1. Let the spray tan set up to 12 hours and don't shower or rinse off until 5 hours after your tan. The longer its on, the darker it gets. I left mine on for 12 hours and it was the perfect "end of summer" glow I was going for...nothing too dramatic or dark.
2. When showering don't use your loofah, washcloth or body scrubs. Use a mild body wash. Anything abrasive or exfoliating will strip the color off sooner.
3. Moisturize everyday. Moisturizer will help set in the color and give you more natural glow.

Other tips:
1. I'd go to an esthetician at a spa over one of those tanning salons or spray booths. At a spay they have higher quality machines and the esthetician will personally spray you, which helps for a more even tan and no streaks.
2. If you're a first-timer, you will feel sticky for the first couple hours. Don't worry, it will go away after you wash it off.
3. I recommend going at night so you don't have to feel sticky all day. Get your tan and go to bed! Makes the waiting/setting process go much faster!

Not what we are going for ladies! In so many ways.....

I really was impressed with my spray tan. I've gotten lots of compliments and comments as well. It was so fantastic to get a nice summer glow without having to wait all summer and ESPECIALLY without having to damage my skin in the sun. 

School is out today and summer has officially started for us! Stay sun-safe this summer and remember to wear a hat and 30+ SPF when outside! 

May 29, 2014

how i stay modivated while getting fit

Happy Thursday! I hope you all had a great Memorial Weekend! Summer is here...wahoo!!!! Bring on the chaos. I'm excited to say I only have one more month to enjoy the insane mid-west humidity before we make the "fun" move to Washington. It's very very bittersweet but change is good! We found a house when we went out a couple weeks ago and things are moving along very smoothly (knock on wood) and we looking forward to a nice big yard and some more space. 

Wanted to share with you today some ways that I stay motivated while I'm getting fit. Yes, I said fit....not losing weight. I'm over losing weight. I'm just focusing on pushing myself more, toning up, trying new things and staying active. 

1. Keep it realistic.
Hey guess what guys? I'm probably never going to be a size 2...and probably never a size 4 either. Beating myself up about it isn't working either. And if you are a size 2, that's great! If you're not, that's great too! Remember to be realistic. I'm curvy and hold weight in my hips and thighs. Genetically I'm made up a certain way and comparing myself to other girls who are naturally thin, athletically build, no hips, no curves is just not fair. So keep it real and don't set yourself up for disappointment. Chances are someone else is staring at your wishing they had what you do! 

2. Be positive. 
Don't bully yourself. I'm terrible at this and working on it. Whenever I get a critical thought in my head I just say STOP! Nope, not today...not ever!!! If this is something that you REALLY really struggle with, write 5 things you like about yourself down in a journal everyday. Write more on your mirror. 

3. Be patient.
I heard once that it takes 6 weeks for you to notice a change and 12 for other people to notice. Ha! If you are really making a 180 in your eating and exercise you will see a change. And if might happen fast! Staying dedicated really does pay off. Thinking that you will just eat salads for a week, not see a change and quit is NOT GOOD! Be patient and give it time...I promise, it will be worth it.

4. Stop weighing yourself.
Get off the scale. Don't do it. Focus how your clothes feel and how you look. When I trained for my triathlon (and I wasn't in the best shape before-hand), I lost 5 pound but 2 dress sizes. See! You lose fat but gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I even dropped a dress size this past couple months and decided to hop on the scale at the gym and lost a measly 1 pound. Yeah, that was discouraging but I reminded myself how good I felt and how my clothes were fitting....felt much better. 

5. Find a self-motto.
I think I've said this before on my blog and I mean it! Pick a motto for yourself. One I had for years was "What do YOU want?" And I wanted to be healthy, fit and feel happy. I got it. Recently mine has been "You are strong!" Whenever I feel like giving up, not working out, talking down to myself I remember my motto and it gives me that extra boost I need.

6. Find someone to share it with.
Make friends who are sharing the same goals as you. This doesn't mean can't be friends with people who aren't working towards being fit...no way. I'm not saying that but I am saying the journey is so much easier when you have someone on board with you. Being fit and healthy is a BIG thing for me and my husband and makes my life so much easier. And its fun to talk about what workouts we did or what goals we have too. Also, its not fun feeling like a freak of nature because you workout everyday...I'm kinda sick of that.

I don't think this is what they mean by a "workout buddy"...ha ha ha.
Oh Kim....

So these are the things have worked for me and I hope they do for you! 
Most importantly....remember that you are beautiful and lovely and perfect! Give yourself some credit for all your hard work! 

May 14, 2014

my personal review on younique's 3D fiber mascara

Hey ladies, hope you find this review helpful!

First off, I really had no idea what this mascara was besides the fact that it was suppose to make your lashes super long and that everyone and their mom was freaking out about it. I usually don't go for things like this but after I was getting a lot of questions from friends I decided to give it a go. After getting this, seeing it was a 2 step process and had actual fibers you applied, it all came together in my mind and I'm excited to share with you what I think.

The Good--
It does the job in lengthening your lashes, that's for sure! With the 2-step process you have a lot of control in the length you want too. I notice the days I don't wear it I want it on!

The Bad--
If you don't follow the direction of application STRICTLY you can look like a clumpy-mess. I'm VERY natural mascara girl though...I like light application, no clumps but with length, if I don't take my time with this is can look clumpy (but I shared my application tips below). If you like thick, voluminous lashes this is just up your alley and you'll love it. 

Is it worth the money? Yes.
Would I recommend it to friends? With enforcing good application techniques, yes. 
Would I buy this again? Yes.
Am I happy with the overall product? Yes.
Is it the best mascara I've ever used? No probably but what it says it does.

I'd give it a 8 outta 10. I'm pleased with this product, I use it, I like it. Its a good one. Am I head over heals in love with it...not really but its good stuff. Are you confused? Yes...ok good. Ha!

Fiber wand on the left, gel wand on the right.

Some applications tips:
It does come with application directions...follow those but here are a few tips that have helped me get a more natural look--

1. Make sure you are applying one coat of your own mascara first. Trying wiggling the wand as you apply to create less clumps. A good base it critical to get the right look.
2. Apply the gel to just the tip of your lashes only. Don't cover your whole lash!!!!!
3. Then apply the fibers to just the tips and pull up! The idea of this mascara is to create length and that happens at the tips of your lashes. 
4. Seal it off with the gel again.

It's pretty critical to just apply the gel to the tip of your lashes, that's where they will be extended. Applying the fibers to your whole lash not only waste product but isn't effective at all. And creates clumps.

Also, I would not apply this to your bottom lashes either. Having long upper lashes gives a very doe-eyed effect. On 

Hope this helps, have a good day!