February 1, 2016

How I Honestly Feel About Makeup

Gonna get real here people! ;) Ha ha. I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of why I do what I do as far as being a makeup artist and esthetician. I will try to keep it simple and to the point. So let's go.

There is really 2 sides of this. First, makeup and getting pretty for myself and the second being getting others pretty. 

I'll start with me...because I'm selfish like that. If you know me well you might know that I'm pretty laid back and very low maintenance. I'm not a over-the-top-glam-gal. I keep life and myself pretty simple and easy. And that's how I tend to approach my beauty regimen too. When I have nowhere to go and know I'll be house bound, I still put on a little makeup though (like CC cream and mascara) and here is why....when I feel just a little put together and pretty I live up to my potential better.  I know for a lot of people this has no impact on them what so ever, and that's fine. But for me, it helps. I feel like I just "got it together" that much more. And I'm taking that extra step for MYSELF. Try it for a day and see if it helps. Also, I like pretty things. I like makeup and I enjoy embracing my femininity. And even though it seems useless, it helps set my day up a little better and gets me motivated. Yeah, there are days when makeup doesn't happen, and yes, I'm perfectly comfortable without it (have you seen me at the gym?) but its kind of the icing on the cake for me. 

Here is the best part. Doing makeup for others. I went back and forth as to what I wanted to do for school and I always felt strongly to go to beauty school. I thought about doing hair but I had a real strong drive for makeup and skincare strictly. I struggled for a while wondering if I was getting into a "vain market". I got nervous that people might assume I was self-adsorbed, snobby and over the top. But then I realized something, I'm a health conscious person, and taking care of your skin and OUTSIDE is just as important and what you do for the INSIDE of your body. That really resonated with me. And still does. I firmly believe that! Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and a protector of all the outside crud we encounter. So its not just about looking good, having flawless skin and wearing makeup; its another step in taking care of yourself. So with that in the for-front of my mind. I went for it and have never regretted it. 

The biggest pay-off of helping people with their skin and makeup is how it helps them with their confidence. I've helped teens with acne finally see the light of how beautiful they really are even with pimples. I've helped older woman look past the age and see the beautiful color in their eyes they never noticed before or helped someone see that just the most basic application of makeup can make you feel like a rock-star goddess on the red carpet. And THAT! THAT!!!! is why I do this. I love to see the smiles (sometimes shocked smiles) of woman who get their makeup done and say, "Wow. I never thought I could look like this." And they feel beautiful, pretty and unstoppable. That's why I do it. I love that. It's priceless. And then I TEACH and help them take it home to do it over and over and over again. And feel beautiful everyday. Its the best. The best ever.

So how do I really feel about makeup? Honestly, I could give a crap about it but for me and what I do with my job and my dreams it is the vehicle to building confidence and self-motivation so in that light...I love it. 

Thanks for sticking it out with me. And get yourself pretty my lovely ladies! ;)

January 25, 2016

{recipe} kale chips

If you have never had kale chips....its time, my friend. 

I'm actually not the biggest kale fan but I will put it in smoothies here and there, and always always have kale chips. These are light, crunchy, healthy and the best way to kick that crunchy, salty craving-which I have all the time! 

Quick easy healthy. Win win win. 

Kale Chips

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Spread 4-5 cups raw kale on cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil (or your choice of oil. Coconut, avocado and grape seed are good too). Cook for 10-12 minutes and sprinkle with salt. Enjoy! Store in air tight container or bag. 

And your kids will love them too. Your welcome! 

January 18, 2016

getting out of the new year funk....making time for yourself.

One of my goals this year has been to do more things that make me happy. I kinda feel like a selfish person saying that but at the same time, I completely LOST MYSELF this past year being so wrapped up in my kids and family that I turned into a depressed, grumpy, rude, annoyed, angry person/mom. Um, that's no fun for anyone. It got so bad that I couldn't even stand to be around myself! So I realized I have to take some time for myself to re-group and become better so I can be better at what I love most...being a mom.

As I'm writing this, I want to mention I think it is important to really prioritize your time though. Find a balance between it because too much time to yourself can cause problems too!


One of the biggest problems I have is wasting my alone time by watching TV or doing mundane things that really bring no happiness to my soul but just make me go brain-dead for a good hour or two. After talking to my husband (PS. He's smart) he said, in regards to both of us, that we need to spend our down time doing actual things we LOVE to help boost our spirits. I found this idea kind of annoying at first. Whine-y voice: But I love my TV time, binge watching Netflix's time!!!! Well, I decided this past week to replace some of that time with some things I love which included getting in some missed AM workouts, getting out of the house and doing some grocery shopping, doing my nails, reading a book, catching up on some housework. Hey, I'm feeling good. Like the best I've felt in a long time. 

Now I'm not saying to never watch TV again, I'm saying to let off a little bit and go back to some old things that you used to love.

Secondly, I remember that I need to take care of myself. I fell into some bad habits. And although this might not apply to everyone I think its really important to eat right, get ready in the morning and fit in some exercise 3 times a week. After the twins were born I was so over my head that even thinking of stopping myself from eating that whole chocolate cake was too much. No seriously, I'd eat the whole cake. I've always been a healthy person so these bad habits really started to weigh down on me. I was irritated, frustrated, angry at myself and overwhelmed. But little by little I've been able to break the habits and come back into my old ways. I'm not a super "health-nut" I just try to eat right and be practical. I have a treat here and there and go out too. But when I do eat right and stay within limits. I do feel so much better. Moderation!

As far as my exercise, I was so tired some days that the thought of walking up the stairs was painful. So just like my eating, the exercise has come back little by little! But I do feel it is nessasary! It does so much for your mood, body and spirit. A must!

Also make sure you get pretty everyday. I spent so many days in my PJ's, no shower, stinky, and bumming out. I finally told myself to get up and dressed. Put on a little mascara and lipgloss, maybe a cute outfit just because. Something new everyday to help myself out and feel like I had it together a little bit. 

So in review...here are my ideas to get our the new year funk

1. In your free time, do what you love!
2. Eat right. Fuel your body with goodness and you'll feel good!
3. Exercise. 
4. Get pretty everyday!
5. Challenge yourself

And lastly, life can get boring if we do the same thing all the time. Trust me. I'm like a robot most days. Wake up, feed kids, feed babies, clean up kitchen, workout, feed me, feed babies, make beds, do dishes, laundry, babies, kids, babies, husband, kids, babies....no joke! :) Challenge yourself with something new. If you're not a book reader, read a book. Train for a race, try a new recipe, start a blog, take more pictures. Sometimes I think we limit ourselves just because we are too tired to try but change that and do something new! 

So there we have it. My ramblings slash advice slash confessions. Hope you are all enjoying your new years. Hang in there...spring in just months away!

January 15, 2016

{Recipe} Overnight Oats...I'm Obsessed.

I've heard about Overnight Oats but didn't try them until recently and I'm just a bit obsessed. You have to remember though, I am a BIG oatmeal lover so if you're not this might not be your thing.

I adapted this recipe from the (((amazing))) ladies of Toneitup.com. Um, they rock. I have yet to find a recipe or workout I do not like from them.

Overnight Oats

Add to a mason jar---
Heaping 1/4 cup raw oatmeal
1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
2 TB honey or half packet of Stevia
Then add in your favorite toppings like berries, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, apple, cinnamon, etc (I love walnuts and raspberries).

Screw lid on and keep in fridge overnight. Warm in the microwave in the morning and enjoy!

Happy Eating!

January 12, 2016

favorite hair products

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair and I can't say I have unmanageable hair either but I do have curly, fine, fizzy hair....soooooooo. There are lots of things I love about it and a few things I don't like but it is what it is.

I feel like all of these products can be used on all types of hair, some maybe more than others and depending on your hair you might use more or less amount of product but overall I feel they are pretty versatile.

Let's gooooooooo

1. Moraccan Oil Curl Defining Cream. If you have medium to very curly hair this a MUST for you!!! I searched high and low for YEARS to find the perfect product that holds curly, controls frizz without the crunch of gel or moose. A little dime size amount will do (for me) and I even use it when I'm planning to blow dry and then curl my hair so it will work for non-curly hair ladies too. Its amazing and perfect....you can thank me later!

2. Not Your Mother's Beat the Heat Thermal Shield Spray. This is a product I use pre-curling or straightening. I apply it to my dry hair (mildly). Helps protect again damage and makes my hair shiny and holds curl better. I just picked this up at WalMart and not necessarily hooked to this particular product brand but its pretty good, I just usually use a thermal spray and go back and forth between brands.

3. TRESemme Extra Firm Control hairspray. So I'm kinda lucky and because of my curl I have hair that holds curl for days....even without hairspray so I go through hairspray like one every 2 years but I do like to have it on hand and I've always bought this. Its cheap and does the job. So win-win.

4. Arbonne Color Stay Hair Serum. So here is another product for my fizzy-haired ladies. Another that I have searched THE WORLD for...a good hair serum that doesn't leave my hair greasy (even at the end of the day), leave a residue overall and actually work. This is the bomb-diggity. Depending on my the length of hair I use about a pea size and will even use a dab after I blow dry and fix it to tame fly-aways. Love love love!!!

5. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray. I loooooooooove this product. It is so versatile. I use it when I wear my hair curly for some extra "umph" and then use it for when I use the curling wand to add more of a beach-y, curl wave to it. This does have a little crunch to it so don't go crazy. I have found success for a more natural look in spraying it on my hand and then crunching it through my hair.

So if someone was wondering my go-to hair products or was looking for something new to try these would be mine to try! I love these and have bought multiple bottles. Let me know what you think!

January 5, 2016

Resolutions 2016

I decided to write a little post about my resolutions for this year to keep me accountable. :) Funny how the internet can be used for that...

2015 was.....ummmmm....a tough one. Yeah, an adventure for sure. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of good things and some scary things and some stressful and painful things. I learned a lot about myself, my Heavenly Father and priorities in life overall.

I'm still making a comeback from it. I'm still trying to get back to where I was before I had my twins and my hard pregnancy with them. I have a few things to still figure out and balance out. But this is the thing called "life" I guess. You live and you learn, if willing.

So I do have a few things I would like to work on this year to help me get back to the "old Laura" PS. I miss her.

Here we go....

1. Do more of what make me happy. Yep, I'm getting myself happy again. Having 4 kids under the age of 6 kinda is a lot of work...ha ha ha. No, its a hell of a lot of work. I hit my 10,000 steps on my FitBit by 1pm most days. I. don't. stop. Ever. Twins don't help with that either. So, yes. Me time. Happy time. Fun stuff...etc, etc, etc. Doing my blog is something I have really missed so I'm going to be picking that up (hopefully) twice a week or more. And I want to make sure I'm reading good books and getting in some workouts, eating right. Dates with my husband. Girl's nights, play-dates. Those things make me happy.

2. Say "yes" to my  kids more. I know this might sound weird but I say "no" to my kids a lot. And not just over things they want like toys or treats, over things like when they ask if I can play dolls or a game with them. I get caught up in the busy-ness of the day and "just don't have time for it" but I do. The dishes can wait, even a shower can. I want to play more with my kids...and shoot if they want that treat or toy,  a little "yes" to that here and there won't kill them either.

3. Build back my passion for fitness and health. When I had to quit working out at about 25 weeks pregnant with the twins and then post-partum recovery too, I really got out of the habit of exercising and then I thought "Well, if I'm not going to that I might as well eat what the crap I want too..." and I did. Man, I felt like crap. Its not like me to do that but being depressed, stressed, overwhelmed and lonely.......I ate my feelings and made a habit out of it. I love exercising, I love eating right because I feel awesome when I do it! So I'm hoping to break some bad habits and train for a 10K here soon. YES! PS. Started the Tone it Up 8 week Challenge and I just love it. :)

4. Strengthen relationships. This one includes with my husband, my kids and my Heavenly Father. I've realized that life is so fragile. And all that really matters in this world is family. That's it. I want to make sure my kids and husband know everyday how much I love them because of how I treat them and spend time with them. And same goes with my Heavenly Father. I want to spend more time digging into my scriptures and saying more meaningful prayers. It needs to happen! 

And there we have it people, hold me to it. Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them? Hope you all had a great holiday season and happy new year!

November 4, 2015

Where I Shop....

It doesn't happen very often but I do love to go shopping. I'm not a every-weekend-go-to-the-mall shopper but ever so often I like to get a few cute things. Being a mom IS HARD and I think if I feel cute and stylish it makes the journey a little better....anyone else? 

I have a pretty laid-back style but like to have a few trendy items too (i.e. I'm obsessed with booties right now....). I try my best to keep it simple, casual, feminine and classy. That about sums it up. I love skinny ankle jeans, cardigans, flow-y tops and tunics and flats. 

So now that we have that figured out we can move on to where I shop...

I have pretty much 3 or 4 places I always go...online or in store. Mostly on-line these days seeing I live in a SMALL town with nothing but a Walmart and Ross...okay we got a Marshall's recently. Moving on up.

If you're looking for something simple, classy and feminine...this is your place. Plus, their jeans are the BEST!!!

I scan this site every so often for cute tops, fleece-lined leggings, everyday t-shirts and fun little accessories and bows for my girls. I've gotten a few other fun things like boot socks, makeup brush cleaner and phone gadgets.

Okay so I lied. We do have one of these in town and I never used to shop there but it has become a BIG favorite. They have trendy, but simple looks and always the best little cardigans and tops. And I recently bought some jeggings there and I love them! 

4. Target

Yep, is this a shock? Doesn't every woman in the world love Target? 'Nuff said!

This is a great shop for "church clothes". The skirts and tops are fashionable and simple yet always so classy and cute. I love their dresses because they always are long enough; and there tanks and under-shirt are unbeatable!

I love hearing where people shop because usually its somewhere I've never been before so I hope you found this fun! Have a great day!!!

October 14, 2015

{something good} Flower Makeup Brand

When I find something awesome I have to share it! And I have been nothing but pleased with the Flower makeup brand products. What makes it even better is that they are found at Walmart and for the price they're fantastic!!! Man, I love a good drugstore find! And that the brand is run by Drew Barrymore might have a little bit of something to do with it....ha ha. PS. Isn't she awesome? 
Some of my favorite products so far have been the highlighting chubby stick and the volumizing mascara. I've also been incredibly impressed with the brushes and I'm going to grab them all next time I'm in the store. The eyeshadows come off a little chalky and have some fallout but overall the pigment and coloring is really nice. It's important to remember with drugstore products you really do you get what you pay for but with these I feel like they might be a little more luxurious than even the price. I'm looking to try something from each line so I'll keep you posted on what I think about anything else I purchase.
But overall Drew Barrymore's Flower  make up line get a 8.5 out of 10 for me. 


Til next time. Stay Pretty.