April 3, 2016


The main reason for writing this post is mostly because I didn't want to write a novel on my Facebook page about our upcoming move. And it might seem awkward on this blog because most of my readers don't know me personally or even know where I live so just bare with me.

About 8 months ago, just 1 week after bringing the twins home from the NICU and the first week of school for my Kindergarten-er (talk about when it rains, it pours), I started having some serious un-easy feelings and anxiety. I get really bad anxiety after having babies, let alone twins so I just brushed it aside. But when Davis said he was having the same feelings I knew something was up. Something in our life felt off balance and out of whack. When Davis mentioned something about his job not working out and he felt he needed to start looking around, I got super offensive and told him to just "wait it out". It took about 2 days after this conversation to have it hit me HARD in face, like a nice smack. I realized our time in ML was spent and I was so sad. Like....cry all day sad. And then the next month after that.

Its one thing to move to a place and know you have 4 years til the time runs out for the next move (Med School, residency) but its another thing coming to place with good feelings, high hopes, buying a home, and looking to settle and then one day...BOOM! Change. I hate it. I felt tricked, like a failure and sad. Lots of sadness.

As time went on and the more we looked into jobs, the more I realized that God had another plan for us. And for some unknown reason we were suppose to have a short and VERY VERY sweet stay in ML. Like, super sweet. We interviewed at 4 places way back in October (by we I mean...Davis...ha). And two places stood out to us but one was a favorite. There was a lot of "red tape" with this job so as time went by and months passed, what we thought was going to be a quick move (I thought we'd be gone by January) turned into a slow, very painful and patient-learning process. And just a month ago we were scared it might even all fall through. But with the faith of family and the amazing faith and persistence of my husband it all came through. And even though we have hit a few extra bumps on the road, all feels well and hopeful and without being too blunt---we are excited to move on. It's kinda felt like tearing off a very painful band-aid super, super slow.

So, here we are. At the end. About 6 weeks left in ML and I'm just torn. We have a lot of very emotional ties to ML with all the love, support, incredible kindness and service we received from our friends during the drama with the twins. I look back and am certain we came here for that. I needed the people here. My family needed the love and service from the people here. We wouldn't have found it any place else. What a blessed area of the ward.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions, but its discouraging and frustrating to focus on those. What I do know is that God does have a plan for us and that faith is everything. But without working with your faith--it is dead. We had to do our part before God picked up the fallen pieces. He trusts us to live our life to the fullest and then helps with what is left behind. I also know that without the love, service and support from our ML friends in this area I would have fallen apart in a very bad way. And I am forever and ever grateful for that.

So, no we haven't sold our house yet and yes, we have a house out in Idaho waiting for us. Yes, I'm excited about heading back to Idaho and yes, I will miss ML and our friends here.

Ugh. So is life. We live, we learn, we grow, we turn around and do it all over again.

March 29, 2016

spring casual

Whenever Spring comes around I always want something cute, casual and versatile to wear. I like to pair a t-shirt with a light jacket just in case its chilly and no can say no to Chucks...

spring casual

March 25, 2016

finding joy in motherhood

We have had a pretty stressful year. Lots of changes....okay, lots of BIG life impacting, serious changes. Its hard being an adult. I see those "I can't adult today" shirts online sometimes and I'm like...I need that. :) Man, life is hard but I feel it can be even harder if you let the discouragement, stress and worrying totally take over. One of the biggest things I feel gets the boot when I get really stressed out or worried is my parenting skills. I'm quick to anger, irritated easier and worse of all...I sometimes take it out on my kids. And by the end of almost everyday I'm DONE!! Like, run away and never come back done. Slight sarcasm....

So, I've been thinking. What can I do more to find balance and joy in motherhood? What are daily things I can do to be a better mom, find happiness in my everyday (stay at home allllllll day) day? We've all heard the saying..."If mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy." And that is so true!

I was able to go on a little girl's trip this month. Sans kids. Just me. It was so nice! Even on the 2 hour plane ride I was thinking, "I could even turn right back around, go home and be satisfied!" Just sitting on that plane in silence was enough. Ha! With that said I had a great trip! I really got some relaxation in and was able to learn how much I love and missed doing my day-to-day mom duties. I kinda felt lost and out of sorts, especially the first day. You have to understand my life revolves around my kids and with twins....I never stop. But I will emphasize again (wink, wink, wink) how nice it was and how good of a time I had. Overall, it helped reconfirm to me that I'm in full "mom-mode" right now. I'm a full-time mom and wife. That's my life right now. And I need to live it and love it.

I thought I would share with you today a few little things I do on a daily basis so help me find joy in motherhood and some extras that help me push through those bad days.

1. I work out. Surprised? Is this not listed in almost every one of my posts? Hey. Did you know I work out? Hardy-har-har. I don't care if its 10 minutes. I get a little workout in. I don't have the time lately to go to the gym everyday like I used it so I've found some really great at-home workouts and make it to the gym to teach my spin class and do some favorite classes here and there. I find that doing a little workout to get my heart-rate up, just isn't something I do for myself but it gets my endorphins going and makes me feel pumped and ready for my day.

2. I laugh. When my kids do something silly or goofy....even if its not that funny I try to laugh at it. It helps them feel like they are important and laughing is good for the soul!

3. I have an occasional pity-party and then move on. Sometimes we have those days when we feel like our life is the worst life on the plant. Ha. I'll do a little "woe is me", shed a few tears and move on. Because really my worst day is someone's best day.  

4. I do one-on-one time with my kids. Sometimes we don't realize how much just a little one-on-one time with your kids can help them behave better and helps you understand your child better too. Plus, its fun. We will do coloring, lego's, crafts, make cookies, etc. It also helps you get out of your head for a bit and do something childish. 

5. I count my blessings. I used to do a gratitude journal but I find saying daily personal prayer really helps me reflect on my day and let my Heavenly Father know all the things I'm grateful for. Helps me look back on my day and see what I might need to work on too. And then do better the next day.

Hope that helps someone!!! I also had a little tip for dealing with "emotional children." We have been reading a book about helping children understand and deal with their feelings, and have loved it! I've learned that most of the time the tantrums are attached to a feeling the child is trying to get out but doesn't know what its called or how to share it. I find if I listened with cue works like, "Yes, hmmm, I see." (amist all the tears and screaming) and then follow up with an emotion for the problem (Man, its sounds like you're really mad about....) it helps calm them down. Just like us, kids want their feelings validated! This takes some serious patience!  I know, there are times when its just straight up obnoxious and there might be some discipline that needs to take place but over all we have found this has helped us.

Well, have a good weekend! And thanks for stopping by.

March 11, 2016

highlight for spring!

If you are looking to add just a touch of something fun and different to your makeup routine for Spring, and have people wonder why your skin is glowing? Look no further...here are my favorite makeup highlighters.

PS. Highlighters are applied on the upper cheek bone, under the eyes, along the chin and nose to add a brightness and reflective light to your skin for that extra POP! I will usually keep it simple and just add a little on my cheek bones. Some can be applied under your powder, but I usually just pop it on before I add my blush. And remember...a little goes a long way! 

1. High Beam by Benefit. This one is intense and a little, little goes a long long long way! This is best is blended out with a sponge or beauty blender.

2. Glisten Up by Flower Beauty. This one is a great! A good find at Walmart, and add just the perfect touch of glow.

3. Physicians Formula's Shimmer Strips.  This has great pay-off, meaning a little goes a long, long ways. It is very shimmery too. Plus, it can be used as a bronzer and eyeshadow too. I love this product line.

4. Benefit's Watt's Up. I know, I'm kinda obsessed with Benefit products...but some line's really get it when it comes to a certain product and Benefit has got their highlighters down!!!! This is one probably my favorite. It is simple to apply and adds just the perfect amount of glow and shimmer.

Those listed above are my favorites that I've tried and test BUT! Did you know that anything with a shimmer and an off-white, pink tone can me used as a highlighter? Have a favorite shimmery, pink-ish white eyeshadow or lipstick? Yep, use them!

Highlighting is that one finishing touch that really can pull a look together. Although it is not apart of my daily routine, I do love to add it in for that extra touch and puh-zazz especially if my skin is looking a little dull that day.

Thanks for tuning in...have a great weekend!

February 1, 2016

How I Honestly Feel About Makeup

Gonna get real here people! ;) Ha ha. I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of why I do what I do as far as being a makeup artist and esthetician. I will try to keep it simple and to the point. So let's go.

There is really 2 sides of this. First, makeup and getting pretty for myself and the second being getting others pretty. 

I'll start with me...because I'm selfish like that. If you know me well you might know that I'm pretty laid back and very low maintenance. I'm not a over-the-top-glam-gal. I keep life and myself pretty simple and easy. And that's how I tend to approach my beauty regimen too. When I have nowhere to go and know I'll be house bound, I still put on a little makeup though (like CC cream and mascara) and here is why....when I feel just a little put together and pretty I live up to my potential better.  I know for a lot of people this has no impact on them what so ever, and that's fine. But for me, it helps. I feel like I just "got it together" that much more. And I'm taking that extra step for MYSELF. Try it for a day and see if it helps. Also, I like pretty things. I like makeup and I enjoy embracing my femininity. And even though it seems useless, it helps set my day up a little better and gets me motivated. Yeah, there are days when makeup doesn't happen, and yes, I'm perfectly comfortable without it (have you seen me at the gym?) but its kind of the icing on the cake for me. 

Here is the best part. Doing makeup for others. I went back and forth as to what I wanted to do for school and I always felt strongly to go to beauty school. I thought about doing hair but I had a real strong drive for makeup and skincare strictly. I struggled for a while wondering if I was getting into a "vain market". I got nervous that people might assume I was self-adsorbed, snobby and over the top. But then I realized something, I'm a health conscious person, and taking care of your skin and OUTSIDE is just as important and what you do for the INSIDE of your body. That really resonated with me. And still does. I firmly believe that! Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and a protector of all the outside crud we encounter. So its not just about looking good, having flawless skin and wearing makeup; its another step in taking care of yourself. So with that in the for-front of my mind. I went for it and have never regretted it. 

The biggest pay-off of helping people with their skin and makeup is how it helps them with their confidence. I've helped teens with acne finally see the light of how beautiful they really are even with pimples. I've helped older woman look past the age and see the beautiful color in their eyes they never noticed before or helped someone see that just the most basic application of makeup can make you feel like a rock-star goddess on the red carpet. And THAT! THAT!!!! is why I do this. I love to see the smiles (sometimes shocked smiles) of woman who get their makeup done and say, "Wow. I never thought I could look like this." And they feel beautiful, pretty and unstoppable. That's why I do it. I love that. It's priceless. And then I TEACH and help them take it home to do it over and over and over again. And feel beautiful everyday. Its the best. The best ever.

So how do I really feel about makeup? Honestly, I could give a crap about it but for me and what I do with my job and my dreams it is the vehicle to building confidence and self-motivation so in that light...I love it. 

Thanks for sticking it out with me. And get yourself pretty my lovely ladies! ;)

January 25, 2016

{recipe} kale chips

If you have never had kale chips....its time, my friend. 

I'm actually not the biggest kale fan but I will put it in smoothies here and there, and always always have kale chips. These are light, crunchy, healthy and the best way to kick that crunchy, salty craving-which I have all the time! 

Quick easy healthy. Win win win. 

Kale Chips

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Spread 4-5 cups raw kale on cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil (or your choice of oil. Coconut, avocado and grape seed are good too). Cook for 10-12 minutes and sprinkle with salt. Enjoy! Store in air tight container or bag. 

And your kids will love them too. Your welcome! 

January 18, 2016

getting out of the new year funk....making time for yourself.

One of my goals this year has been to do more things that make me happy. I kinda feel like a selfish person saying that but at the same time, I completely LOST MYSELF this past year being so wrapped up in my kids and family that I turned into a depressed, grumpy, rude, annoyed, angry person/mom. Um, that's no fun for anyone. It got so bad that I couldn't even stand to be around myself! So I realized I have to take some time for myself to re-group and become better so I can be better at what I love most...being a mom.

As I'm writing this, I want to mention I think it is important to really prioritize your time though. Find a balance between it because too much time to yourself can cause problems too!


One of the biggest problems I have is wasting my alone time by watching TV or doing mundane things that really bring no happiness to my soul but just make me go brain-dead for a good hour or two. After talking to my husband (PS. He's smart) he said, in regards to both of us, that we need to spend our down time doing actual things we LOVE to help boost our spirits. I found this idea kind of annoying at first. Whine-y voice: But I love my TV time, binge watching Netflix's time!!!! Well, I decided this past week to replace some of that time with some things I love which included getting in some missed AM workouts, getting out of the house and doing some grocery shopping, doing my nails, reading a book, catching up on some housework. Hey, I'm feeling good. Like the best I've felt in a long time. 

Now I'm not saying to never watch TV again, I'm saying to let off a little bit and go back to some old things that you used to love.

Secondly, I remember that I need to take care of myself. I fell into some bad habits. And although this might not apply to everyone I think its really important to eat right, get ready in the morning and fit in some exercise 3 times a week. After the twins were born I was so over my head that even thinking of stopping myself from eating that whole chocolate cake was too much. No seriously, I'd eat the whole cake. I've always been a healthy person so these bad habits really started to weigh down on me. I was irritated, frustrated, angry at myself and overwhelmed. But little by little I've been able to break the habits and come back into my old ways. I'm not a super "health-nut" I just try to eat right and be practical. I have a treat here and there and go out too. But when I do eat right and stay within limits. I do feel so much better. Moderation!

As far as my exercise, I was so tired some days that the thought of walking up the stairs was painful. So just like my eating, the exercise has come back little by little! But I do feel it is nessasary! It does so much for your mood, body and spirit. A must!

Also make sure you get pretty everyday. I spent so many days in my PJ's, no shower, stinky, and bumming out. I finally told myself to get up and dressed. Put on a little mascara and lipgloss, maybe a cute outfit just because. Something new everyday to help myself out and feel like I had it together a little bit. 

So in review...here are my ideas to get our the new year funk

1. In your free time, do what you love!
2. Eat right. Fuel your body with goodness and you'll feel good!
3. Exercise. 
4. Get pretty everyday!
5. Challenge yourself

And lastly, life can get boring if we do the same thing all the time. Trust me. I'm like a robot most days. Wake up, feed kids, feed babies, clean up kitchen, workout, feed me, feed babies, make beds, do dishes, laundry, babies, kids, babies, husband, kids, babies....no joke! :) Challenge yourself with something new. If you're not a book reader, read a book. Train for a race, try a new recipe, start a blog, take more pictures. Sometimes I think we limit ourselves just because we are too tired to try but change that and do something new! 

So there we have it. My ramblings slash advice slash confessions. Hope you are all enjoying your new years. Hang in there...spring in just months away!

January 15, 2016

{Recipe} Overnight Oats...I'm Obsessed.

I've heard about Overnight Oats but didn't try them until recently and I'm just a bit obsessed. You have to remember though, I am a BIG oatmeal lover so if you're not this might not be your thing.

I adapted this recipe from the (((amazing))) ladies of Toneitup.com. Um, they rock. I have yet to find a recipe or workout I do not like from them.

Overnight Oats

Add to a mason jar---
Heaping 1/4 cup raw oatmeal
1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
2 TB honey or half packet of Stevia
Then add in your favorite toppings like berries, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, apple, cinnamon, etc (I love walnuts and raspberries).

Screw lid on and keep in fridge overnight. Warm in the microwave in the morning and enjoy!

Happy Eating!