December 27, 2011

new years!

I usually keep it pretty simple on New Years...hang out at home, eat junk and play games with the family. 
But I'm sure some of you have some fun outings to get dressed-up for this New Years. Jealous!

I'm always looking for an excuse to get pretty....and buy new shoes!
So, try one of my favorite fashion ideas this year:
Simple, neutral clothes with colorful or bright shoes!
Just like in makeup, I believe the same in fashion....less is more. Something simple and pretty can really be a crowd-pleaser. Too much and people don't know where to look. 

Here's some ideas:

If you wanna be BOLD:
Pinned Image
How about a grey-themed outfit with pink shoes? Clip on a flower for added cuteness!

Your little black dress teamed up with bright colored, SPARKLE shoes. Oh fun!!!

Try a simple colored outfit (like a red dress) with a pair of simple black pumps with some added personality.

Booties have a fun personality and look great with a knee-length dress and tights. How about these fun red ones?

Keep it SIMPLE:
Pinned Image
Skinny dress pants and bejeweled flats always look classy and make a statement!

Spice up the outfit with some bright flats....try them in patent, makes them look fancier!

Pointed flats are great and really can fancy up an outfit!
Last but not least...pick a fun and funky print paired with a bright colored pant. 

Hope that gives you some ideas! Have a fun and safe New Years!!!